Al Donohue

Operating Principal

Office: (201) 391-2500 x213

Email: aldonohue@kw.com

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Colleen Kossoff

Executive Team Leader

Office: (201) 391-2500 x103

Email: colleenkossoff@kw.com

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Jennifer Parsekian

Team Leader

Office: 201-391-2500 x205

Email: jparsekian@kw.com

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Donna Nicolich

Team Leader

Office: (201) 391-2500 x881

Email: donna.nicolich@gmail.com

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Randy "C" Douglass

Broker of Record

Office: (201) 391-2500 x430

Email: randydouglass@kw.com

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Joan M. Chica

Market Center administrator

Office: (201) 391-2500 x104

Email: klrw942@kw.com

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Maxine Silverman

Director of Agent Services

Office: (201) 391-2500 x107

Email: maxinesilverman@kw.com

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Ellie Carpanini

Director of First Impressions & Compliance

Office: (201) 391-2500 x101

Email: ecarpanini@kw.com

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Anna Papoutsakis

Director of Productivity

Office: 201-391-2500 x140

Email: anna.papoutsakis@kw.com

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Jayne Prechtel

NY Lead Productivity Coach

Office: 201-391-2500 x852

Email: jayne.prechtel@gmail.com

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Casey Mone

Director of Luxury Marketing

Office: 201-391-2500 x138

Email: caseymone@kw.com

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Caleigh Lans

Transaction Coordinator

Office: 201-391-2500 x814

Email: tcallinkw@gmail.com

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